How it all works

How it all works

We've designed PIVOT Yoga to deepen your practice, not to get in your way. Once you've got your PIVOT Shirt & Pant, and have installed our mobile app, you'll follow the easy steps below.

Step 1
Put on the clothes

The foundation of PIVOT Yoga are the Shirt & Pant. Putting them on should be easy, as the charge lasts for the whole week, and you don't even have to turn them on. They're smart enough to know when you need them.

Step 2
Pick your online class

Next you'll need open up the PIVOT mobile app and choose a class. PIVOT is working with leading yoga teachers to develop exclusive, PIVOT-enabled online classes, for all ability levels. Each class will feature an instructor leading you through a sequence, but with two big PIVOT differences: we'll put you, live, inside the video with the teacher, and you'll be able to ask for alignment feedback.

Step 3

Just before you start each online class, PIVOT will ask you to do a few warm-up movements. You'll follow your teacher, who will first be shown in yellow as an avatar. In the background, we'll use that opportunty to calibrate PIVOT -- that is, make sure we're understanding exactly where your body is, that day. It will take only a minute or so.

Step 4
Follow your teacher

Once the class starts, we'll digitally insert a live avatar representing you into the video alongside the teacher. Because you're wearing PIVOT garments and using the PIVOT mobile app, when you move, your avatar will move. That way, you'll be able to quickly check the screen and make sure that you're keeping up. And of course, if you do fall behind, with PIVOT you can simply ask the teacher to pause.

Step 5
Ask for feedback

When you want feedback on a pose, or even just to get a chance to analyze it in more detail, ask your teacher "How's this look?" We'll bring up a comparison view and the teacher will tell you how to adjust your pose, one correction at a time. You can also use this mode to view any side of your pose.