Practice made perfect.
At home.

PIVOT is a revolutionary way to deepen your home practice.

Teachers on PIVOT

Advice when you want.
Teachers are amazing. But wouldn't it be great if you could get a correction without schlepping to a studio? You can, with PIVOT.
Sally, how's this look?

Without leaving your living room.

Just put on your PIVOT garments. Then pick an online class from our teachers. Watch yourself practice alongside your teacher. And if you have a question about your alignment, just ask, “How’s this look?” And thanks to our technology, they'll be able to tell you. Down to the inch.

“Move your left arm up by 3 inches”

The smartest yoga clothes, ever.

PIVOT works using our very special clothes. They come woven-in with invisible sensors that wirelessly tell our app (and teachers) exactly how your body is positioned.

Wash and hang dry.

Treat like any other nice yoga clothes. Machine-wash on cold and hang or lay flat to dry. Nothing to remove or lose. Just pure easy peasy.

Battery size comparison
Each battery will be about half the size of an old-timey school eraser.

Fully empowered.

The clothes have tiny built-in batteries that last the week on a charge. And you never have to remove or replace them.


Gorgeous, breathable fabrics.

Our lightweight fabrics wick away perspiration and feel luxurious next to your skin. And they're cut to flatter so you can wear them anytime and anywhere.

Our high waist keeps everything in place.
Thumbholes and stirrups help us be accurate.

Designed to please.

Our navel-high waist doesn't slip, lies flat, and doesn't dig. And our thumbholes and stirrups also keep you covered, no matter the pose.

Brett Larkin

“This is the personalized feedback and attention we all deserve in our practice. I'm so excited!”

- Brett Larkin
Molly Grace

“Not every student is comfortable heading to a studio. PIVOT fills that gap.”

- Molly Grace

It’s a breeze to get started.

Once we're shipping, you'll just need our clothes (a top and leggings), our free app, a phone, and a nice cup of tea.

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